Early each morning Larry and I rise to begin the day caring for our furry (and feathered) family members.  Unlike our children who have already flown the coop, these new babies are early risers ready for breakfast at the first hint of dawn.  While the goats are accustom to twice daily feedings at the barn, they are perfectly content to browse on blackberries and grass in the field (occasionally visiting the farm yard and sampling roses, grapes, etc.). The ducks are free-range creatures, however, for them an early morning visit to the back deck of the farmhouse to check on cat and dog feeding areas is always in order. 

Cashmere goats, ducks, comprise the current collection at Fernhill.  Future plans currently involve more goats, and possibly a new venture in fiber producing sheep.  The current herd has 25 does ranging in age from 1 year to 11 years.  We are anticipating that the does will begin delivering kids mid-January through mid-March. 

The majority of our acreage is in a crop of Douglas Fir timber, which was planted approximately 20 years ago.  Harvest and replanting of timber will take place in another ten years +/-. 

A bit of history:  In 1902, Henry Fern arrived in the Willamette Valley and settled the land with his family.  His vision was “to own what was mine and next to mine” (loosely translated from his native German).  At the time of his death, Henry gave each of his children a farm in the valley.  This property is the major portion of the Henry’s home place, which was willed to Esther Wiens (mother of Diana) 58 years ago.  In the early 80’s, Diana came back to the farm to raise her two sons (Brian and Sean) .  The boys are now adults with lives that have taken them away from country life for the time being (Brian in Manhattan, New York, and Sean in Hood River, Oregon).  With the children grown and gone, Larry and Diana enjoy retirement from “city jobs” to work the land and enjoying the peace and quiet of country life.  Diana is in charge of goats and Larry is in charge of timber production.


Top left: Diana with Daisy in her lap, and Ashley, Clark and Celeste  hoping for a chance at some attention.

Right: Scarlett, Isabella Bob and Melanie Austin looking out, Beaver looking in.

A day in the life of Fernhill Farm